From among thousands we give below a few.

Mrs. Beena Vincent, Trichur.


My three children aged 17, 9 & 6 were using glasses for many years to correct their defective vision. Inspite of this their vision kept on deteriorating year by year. After treatment here all of them became normal within a very short time which is unbelievable. I strongly recommend this treatment for those who need glasses.

Dr. Renic Swamidas.


Had irregular astigmatism since 6 years & keratocomas from last year for my left eye and wearing glasses. After doing eye exercises for 6 days here the astigmatism came down from -1.00 120 to -0.50 120 which infact is an appreciable improvement. I have been advised to continue, it regularly till my vision becomes normal. I suggest that this institution should continue doing this noble work. I shall recommend others to join

Chandran V. nair, Kannur.


Due to block in optic nerve, I was having very little vision for my eyes. To maintain this I am advised to take a very costly injection once in a month. As advised by one of my friends I was fortunate enough to undergo a 6 days course at this centre. Within a very short time i had tremendous improvment in my eye sight. I was continuing these practise for another 6 months and at present I am able to read and write without glasses and to stop the costly injection, since then i came to understand from others who underwent this course here that it is a boon for people having defective vision due to other problems also. I strongly recommend this cousre to all persons depending upon glasses to see.

Santhakumari Amma, Neyyattinkara.


Had injury for my right eye from a collusion with a tower bolt of door and thereby loosing my eyesight. Consulted many of the leading opthalmologist and they were of the opinion that it is impossible to get back the vision. But after treatment here there was steady improvment for my vision not only for my right eye, but also for the left eye. At present my vision for both the eyes are 6/9. As far as i am concerned, it is a miracle.

Saji Sankar A.S., Trivandrum.


Detected defective vision during medical check up for S.I. selection i was totally depressed. Accidentally i came to know about this centre and after treatment my vision became normal and got selection for the job. I dont know how to thank this noval institution.

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