The object of the method used in treatment of imperfect sight without glasses is to secure rest or relaxation, first of the mind and then for the eyes. Rest always improves the vision and effort lowers it.


With one accord ophthalmologist tell us that the visual organ of man was never intended for the uses to which it is now put into


Eons before man was a hunter, farmer etc. the evolution of the eyes was complete. The eye at rest is adjusted for distant vision which require no muscular adjustments. Near vision is the exception necessiating muscular adjustments, causing strain.At the beginning it was very little. Following the invention of artifical light, moving picture, TV, Computer etc. this demand upon the visual organ reached the breaking point. As per various study reports, about 70 to 80% of the population at present suffers from one or other form of visual problem.


Almost all cases of approaching blindness can be gradually lessened by timely eye education and mental relaxation. If the children and adults are taught about the proper use of the eyes and also the methods of eyerelaxation, most of the defects of the eye would fade away in the natural way. Often it is surprising how quickly the vision begins to improve by these simple methods. The rules of restoration of improper vision to normalcy through this method consist of simply following the laws, which the normal eye is supposed to follow. These being basic are equally applicable to refraction suffered at AT ANY AGE OF A PERSON.

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