Frequently Asked Questions

1.How will these exercises improve my eyesight?

Our program strengthens and relaxes  eye muscles,thereby improving blood circulation in and around the eyes.Proper practices to regain and maintain normal vision are also taught.

2. How long will I have to do these exercises?

Till normal vision is achieved.

3. Is it alright to wear spectacles during this period?

Yes. But only glasses with 0.5 less than the original power for each eye should be worn. Doing the exercises with the actual power  will not help.

4. What is the course duration of the course?

 It is a 5-day program during which a person attends 2 sessions every day. The session can be scheduled as is convenient for the participant.

5. Is it true that I will be able to drop my glasses forever?

Yes.once normal vision is achieved continue for one more month.

6. Does this work for organic errors also?

It is definitely going to improve your eye health by improving blood circulation inside the eyes as well as strengthening  and relaxing the eye muscles. Your eyesight may improve, but one cannot expect complete cure for organic errors as medicines are not applied or used in any way.

7. Since no new medicines are involved in this method, can I continue taking the medicines I am taking now.

Yes. Whichever medicines doctors have prescribed may be continued during the period of this exercise without any negative effects.

9. Do these exercises work for squint or crossed-eyes (strabismus)?

Squint eyes are usually corrected when normal eyesight is regained for both eye.if organic errors are involved complete cure cannot be expected, however normal vision can be restored for both the eyes.

10. Can this cure short-sight?

Yes. This program is efficient and effective to restore your normal eye sight.

11. Will this cure my long-sight?

Yes. This exercise program can prevent as well as reverse long-sight.

12. Is there an age limit or age-bracket for this program?

Not really. From toddlers to centenarians, anyone can do this for prevention as well as for improving their eyesight. But, as in all health issues, the earlier the better.

13. Will my astigmatism get cured?

Yes. This exercise program will surely bring back your eyes to normal health.

14. Will my colour blindness get cured?

Colour blindness gets cured for some and not for all. Most people have felt better as the exercises made them improve their eye health.

15. Do you have treatment for ambliopia?

Yes, of course. Again it is not a treatment with medicines and only a set of highly effective exercises. People with ambliopia will greatly benefit from these exercises.

16. my one-year child has an eye problem and she is advised to wear glasses which she refuses to comply with. Do you have exercise program for this one-year old?

Yes. We do get many cases in which children cannot be made to wear glasses and we have been able to restore their sight and drop their glasses forever.

17. Do you provide stay at your centre?

No. But boarding facilities are easily available in Trivandrum at affordable rates.

18. Do I have to follow any diet regulations during this period?


19. Are there any known side effects for these exercises?

No. These are relaxing exercises which harness the body to take better care of itself. So, there are only desired effects.