This is an educative  5 day eyecare program .our working times  are from 8AM to 11AM in the morning amd 3PM to 5 PM in the evening. One has to attend 2 sections  in a day ,one on the morning and one in the evening ,it will take approximately  45 minutes of your time for each section. So in 5 days you will attend 10  forty five minutes section.

All health issues stem from tension, stress and strain and eye problems are no exception. Consequently, the method used in treatment of imperfect sight without glasses is to secure rest or relaxation, first of the mind and then for the eyes. Rest always improves the vision and effort lowers it.

Ophthalmologists all over the world agree that the world progresses at a fast pace, the eye is used for more strenuous purposes and for longer periods without it having evolved to manage such hard tasks.

Eons before the days of hunting and farming, the human eye had evolved to be what it is today. As such, the human eye at rest is adjusted for distant vision which requires no muscular adjustments. As indoor life, either at home or at the office became the order of the day, near vision became a necessity which in turn necessitated muscular adjustments, causing strain and stress to eye and tension to the nervous system in general. Over the years, as night gave way to day and day light to incandescent lights, steady three dimensional sights to two dimensional moving pictures, LED screens and monitors. this demand upon the visual organ reached the breaking point. As per various study reports, about 70% to 80% of the population at present suffer from one or the other form of visual problems.

Almost all cases of impending loss of vision can be gradually remedied or lessened by timely intervention through awareness and mental relaxation. If the children and adults are taught about the proper use of the eye and also the methods of keeping it relaxed and stress-free, most of the defects of the eye are sure to disappear as a natural process. The body has an immense power to heal itself. It is our experience that most often it is surprising to see how quickly the vision begins to improve through these simple methods. Though a miracle, but no secret, the path of regaining proper vision is by focusing on the laws of vision the human eye is evolved to follow and following them adherently. Such basics are equally applicable to ocular refraction suffered at AT ANY AGE OF A PERSON.